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Public Outreach Programs

Carmichael Chiropractic has an extensive public outreach program. Our mission is to educate the public on health, wellness and disease prevention. Dr. Carmichael is a noted lecturer and workshop leader for the national nonprofit organization, The Foundation for Wellness Professionals. We provide a variety of services to expand the health and wellness of our community. They include Safety Workshops, The Wellness Lecture Series, Health Screenings, Employee and Customer Appreciation Days and Chair Massage. Contact us at

[email protected]

Spinal Massage Days









    We bring chair massage to your office, event or business.


    Body Age Testing









    Body Age Testing is a very popular event that we provide.  A state of the art bioimpedence scanner is utilized to provide vital health information. 

    • Body Age
    • Resting Metabolism
    • Percent Skeletal Muscle
    • Visceral Fat
    • Percent Body Fat
    • Structural Body Balance

    Employee & Customer Appreciation Days

    We bring either a Massage Day or Body Age Testing Event to your office or business. Employees and customers appreciate the extra value service that you the employer or business owner provide to them.


    Lecture Workshops











    Lecture Workshops are provided on a variety of subjects for disease prevention and wellness.


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