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Wellness is our goal for each and every patient. Being symptom free by drugging the symptoms without solving the cause is not wellness. True wellness is your body functioning at its maximum potential. What you do on a daily basis creates your future health. You can keep doing what you’re doing now and stay the same or you can do something different and get a different result. We educate our patients on their options and they decide what is the best path for them with our guidance.

The three main causes of health problems are:

1. Trauma

From birth on our body is exposed to constant minor traumas during the course of normal day to day life, for example sitting for long periods, slipping on the ice, bending and lifting, sports, recreation and many more. Occasional major traumas occur as well, such as, auto accidents, falls, injuries.

2. Toxins

From the moment we take our first breath we breathe polluted air. As life continues our bodies are exposed to a multitude of toxins in our food, air and water.

3. Stress

We live in a highly charged, fast paced world that creates high amounts of stress.. Stress aggravates our weak links. It’s like a length of chain with a weak link. If you pull on the chain it will break at the weak link. Everyone has stress, but everyone doesn’t have health problems. The ones with the weak links have health problems.

The three solutions to health problems:

1. Moving Well

Removing the effects of trauma involves several facets of treatment, Chiropractic adjustments for spinal joint and nervous system function, Exercise rehab including stretching, body movement exercises and weight resistance exercises for muscle and joint function. Body mechanics and ergonomic training to prevent future problems. Fitness counseling to take your exercise program to the next level.

2. Eating Well

Eating fresh organic food is primary. However even this type of diet requires some supplementation to get all the proper nutrients. Therefore nutritional supplementation with high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements is highly recommended. A variety of cleanses are available to remove toxins that build up in the body from the enviorment and other sources.

3. Thinking Well

Our thoughts are very impactful to our health. We have created a very positive and healing enviorment in our clinics. In your life we encourage you to surround yourself with positive people and enviorments. You should avoid negative enviorments and people. Edit what you watch and read so that they are supportive of your health goals.

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