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Cervical Pillow     $45.00

A cervical pillow positions your neck in proper alignment when you sleep. You may sleep on your side or back while maintaining proper alignment. Stomach sleeping is not recommended.


Lumbar Support Pillow     $25.00

A lumbar support pillow helps position you in the proper posture while sitting. It can make a poor chair or seat ergonomically correct. There are different thicknesses depending on the patient's requirements.


Back Support     $40.00

Back supports can be helpful in some cases when properly monitored by your doctor. They are not to be worn long term. Long term wear can create more problems.


Cold Pack     $20.00

Cold packs will help reduce inflammation, muscle spasm, pain and swelling. This cold pack molds to the body and cools evenly.


Orthotics     $360.00

Custom orthotics or arch supports move from shoe to shoe. Making a shoe practically custom made for the patient. There are a variety of types depending on the needs of the patient.




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